There is something quite magical about diving the warm tropical waters of Thailand.

I first learned scuba diving right here in Krabi, Thailand. Wearing nothing but a short wet suit and closed heel fins. I didn’t think much of it at the time, took a lot of it for granted; the warm weather, the sun shining, warm oceans brimming with tropical fish. To me, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. It was just another part of Thailand that I slowly fell in love with. It was not until I moved overseas to dive Western Australia’s relatively cold currents that I truly appreciated the waters of Thailand. Nevertheless, I gained valuable experience in brisk oceans and of course got the fortuitous opportunity to dive with the stunning marine life that came with it.

To genuinely be appreciative, I had to take a step back for a short period of time, to realize the beauty I had in my own back yard. A great deal has changed since I first begun diving; less fish, more tourism. As instructors or even divers for that matter, we typically are the first to notice a change and that is why we are the first to push for legislation and preservation of our reefs. Many people are unaware of what goes on underneath the surface. The ocean is rich and conscious, teeming with life; at least it used to be and still are in some areas of the world. Thailand however, I’ve noticed some big differences compared to my first breaths underwater 6 years ago. After my first few dives, I was hooked. My life would never be the same again; having experienced such tranquility in the oceans, I knew I had to know more about diving and why it granted me such peace.

I never knew what the oceans were facing; the threats and destructions that we have carelessly placed onto the sea. It was not until I intensely researched into over-fishing, climate change, pollution, plastic, shark finning, bottom trawling and so on, that I passionately realized something needed to be done. It was easy for me to disregard everything when I knew nothing of the issues facing the oceans. It is important not only for people to recognize problems towards our oceans but also to appreciate what it has to offer us. Knowing what I know and being back home, diving in the waters of Thailand again has made me strive for change; to help restore the beautiful waters that made me fall in love with diving in the first place.

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