There is nothing quite like home to me as the warm tropical waters of Thailand. The Andaman Sea has been very welcoming upon my return to Krabi. Growing up north of Thailand I was surrounded by mountains and city life. To me Krabi was a paradise escape that I now have the privilege to call a second home. Everywhere I go for new adventures, Krabi is like a magnet, drawing me back, even for a few weeks or months, and I drive myself crazy whenever I am not there. Being away from Thailand for the past year has definitely made me appreciate the simplicity and intimacy (at some points chaotic) in the little town of Ao Nang.

My first freelancing job being back in Ao Nang, I was guiding a very lovely German customer who actually comes to find out, grew up in the town right next to me. We arrived at our famous phi phi Islands and the dive site Viking Bay that many consider to be quite mundane, however in my eyes I find beauty in the most simplest of locations. I love the most amazing structure of the artificial reef that I have here right in my backyard. The colossal energy it must have took for conservationist to bring down such architect for myself and my customers to enjoy. And the beauty it represents to preserving our coral reef systems.

You see… Krabi never ceases to amaze me. Like most things you need to be away for quite some time before you truly learn to appreciate how delicate places like these are. Don’t get me wrong, Krabi is far from perfect and I have noticed a lot of little imperfection in this community I call paradise. But nothing quite screams home like riding on the scooter without your helmet, the smell of Roti grilling on the sidewalk and the view… that VIEW! It’ll never get old.

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