Bali was always a dream of mine. Whether it was diving or just a holiday there, it was somewhere I had always wanted to go. Stepping off the plane felt surreal, as if I was going to wake up the very next day somewhere completely different.

I arrived in Bali with a fellow dive instructor and friend. We stayed in Kuta for a night and the following day took a beautifully slow boat over to Nusa Lembongan Island. Nusa Lembongan is a very delicate and amicable little piece of paradise. The island roads were small and rugged, entirely filled with potholes; bikes driving on the wrong side of the street, not so much different to driving in Thailand actually. Arriving there felt like I took a step back in time. Nature still refined in its own way with little influence by mankind. A drive up the hill to watch the sunset was a struggle as it was especially steep, but the view was beyond belief. I love to dwell in the sunset and the beauty within it. I find peace in the ocean’s energy absorbing the light as it disappears and the view we got atop the mountains easily gave me that.The next day we went out on a boat and got to dive the very inviting waters of Lembongan. It was spell bounding. I had never experienced waters so clear and so beautifully boundless in this small piece of utopia I found. The currents were unlike anything I had ever experienced. We visited Nusa Penida’s crystal bay dive site, reputed for having very strong and unpredictable downward current. I was definitely exasperated after surfacing however it was worth every second on account of the stunning pelagic marine life I got the privilege to see for the very first time.

I can now say I’ve been diving in the most amazing waters of Bali and seen some unimaginable creatures. I continue to write about my dreams and how I aspire to inspire others to chase theirs. Dreams will only go as far as you take them. The diving in Bali stunned me more than anywhere else I had been in the world. I am completely in love with the waters of Indonesia and won’t be surprised if I find myself back there again soon.

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