IMG_20140707_203504I can remember the very first time I saw a shark. Instead of beating faster, my heart decided to stop beating altogether. I was hovering over some soft corals obsessed about clown fishes and sea anemones swaying with the current. And as I got closer, to examine the petite ones, the parent rushed over and swam directly to my face as if to yell at me. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my instructor, excited and frantic and signing “shark” to me. My eyes widened and I glimpsed over to where he was pointing, not knowing what to expect. My head filled with fear that the shark would swim over to me and eat me. Once I laid eyes on this fascinating creature, I fell in love. I never expected to feel as calm as I did when it glided through the water so effortlessly in front of me. I was breathless. And this was the most amazing feeling I ever had. I wanted to share those feelings. This blog is about my insane passion for diving and appreciation for the animals that it hosts. After every dive I feel captivated. Surfacing with more and more questions and desiring knowledge about the Ocean. Join me in this journey, travel around the globe with me, while I uncover the true beauty of the underwater world. Welcome to Ocean Slug.

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  1. I think the work you are doing is fantastic, quietly and relentlessly persuing a clear goal, which I have no doubt eventually you will succeed.
    Great website as well.

  2. OMG – I had that exact same feeling! I have written about it so many times and now I found somebody else who feels the same way. Love it!

    Great work!
    We need to connect you with Anja and her website!!!!!

    1. Hi Barbara
      Thank you for checking out my site first of all. And I am so glad you can relate to my writings. My hope is to inspire others with my pieces and travels and I’m stoked it spoke to you. It was lovely meeting you as well the other night 🙂 Thanks for popping by.

      All the best,


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