Sometimes after work I drive down to the beach, right up to the water and sit there to watch the sun set. Not only because it’s beautiful but because it keeps me sane. That no matter what happens in life the sun will always vanish away, sinking into the ocean and leave us in completely lightlessness. It is only then when you hear nothing but the sound of the waves…

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Have you ever been to such a place that completely alters your perception of life in the best way possible? Cambodia, to say the least, captured a very big part of me from the beginning of my trip. I’ll be honest; I had second thoughts about coming here. The gigantic gap between rural communities and their absolute unbiased and friendly, natural attitude very quickly changed my mind and it was…

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There is something quite magical about diving the warm tropical waters of Thailand. I first learned scuba diving right here in Krabi, Thailand. Wearing nothing but a short wet suit and closed heel fins. I didn’t think much of it at the time, took a lot of it for granted; the warm weather, the sun shining, warm oceans brimming with tropical fish. To me, it didn’t seem out of the…

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There is nothing quite like home to me as the warm tropical waters of Thailand. The Andaman Sea has been very welcoming upon my return to Krabi. Growing up north of Thailand I was surrounded by mountains and city life. To me Krabi was a paradise escape that I now have the privilege to call a second home. Everywhere I go for new adventures, Krabi is like a magnet, drawing…

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On my recent trip to Bali, I got the incredible opportunity to dive with Manta Rays. It was my first time seeing these gentle giants gliding through the water. The dive site that my fellow instructor and I went to was called Manta Bay, very shallow with a lot of surge. We had already spotted the rays from the boat and my heart was pounding almost immediately. As we entered…

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Bali was always a dream of mine. Whether it was diving or just a holiday there, it was somewhere I had always wanted to go. Stepping off the plane felt surreal, as if I was going to wake up the very next day somewhere completely different. I arrived in Bali with a fellow dive instructor and friend. We stayed in Kuta for a night and the following day took a…

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Moving from Melbourne to Geraldton only a few months ago was a new and challenging experience for me. Arriving from the big city where I spent the past half year was a massive change. Geraldton is a very small town around 400 clicks north of Perth, most people have probably never even heard of it, which is a pity. Peaceful, scarily quiet at times, tidy in a straightforward way and…

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Reading more and more about shark attacks that have recently been transpiring and having worked in a small town where they are very particular about seeing sharks, I read up a little bit more about shark shields and why I have come to believe they are not such a bad idea. Shark shields are a simple technology that uses electrical wave forms to repel sharks. Before moving to Geraldton, I have…

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I live a dream. What I do as a Scuba Diving Instructor is more than just a job to me, it is my lifestyle. My life is teaching others how to become a diver, showing them that they can breathe underwater and introducing them to a whole new world. Diving has whole-heartedly transformed my life. The instant your head is submerged, you’ve infiltrated a unique environment filled with unimaginable wildlife….

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I’ve never liked night diving. It wasn’t even that I was afraid of it, I just chose to completely ignore any comments or remarks anyone had about night diving. I had made up my mind about it and it was never for me. However, recently I went out for a night dive and to my surprise; it was not all as bad as I had imagined it would be. As an…

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